Umbango 1

Umbango introduced me to the wild west of KwaZulu-Natal. Over the next hour and eight minutes, what you get is the most straightforward western that I’ve seen in ages. People are going to get shot, betrayed and maybe turned into heroes. It doesn’t hurt that I’m still on a Western kick from Red Dead Redemption II. However, I enjoy how the cheap nature of the shoot makes the film feel so vintage.

This might be the first Sollywood Western that I’ve seen as a complete narrative. Tonie van der Merwe has an eye, but I want to see what Merwe could do on a larger budget. I do like how the final gunfight is handled. I couldn’t pin down why it works for me, but it’s that odd visual appeal that makes me smile. Bare with me on these guys. Most of the time I’m not approaching things this fresh. If you’re curious to see what they are, then check it out from Indiepix now!

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