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Hobbs and Shaw 2

Hobbs & Shaw [4K Ultra HD review]

Hobbs & Shaw is what happens when you mix Moana with MasterChef. Plus, Ibris Elba shows up to make your local Barnes & Noble clerk moist. I know this because Rebecca felt like she had to share...

Hobbs & Shaw

The Howell Family speeds with Hobbs & Shaw in 4DX [Review]

The Howell Family outruns, speeds up and overtakes Hobbs & Shaw. AndersonVison was kind enough to send the Howell family back for another 4DX experience. So break out the baby oil and do a couple ...

Hobbs & Shaw [4K Ultra HD review] 6

How Crank Defines Modern Mortality (4K UHD review)

Crank is about death. Well, it’s about what someone handles with death when finality is absolute. Don’t bring up the sequel yet, we’ll get to that one in a few months. For now, we...

Hobbs & Shaw [4K Ultra HD review] 9


THE EXPENDABLES 2 REVIEWED “The Expendables 2” is the film that made the series work. The first film was seemingly scared of embracing its 80s action movie roots. Somewhere between Jean Cl...

Hobbs & Shaw [4K Ultra HD review] 11


EXPENDABLES 4K REVIEWED “The Expendables” are a group of older actors playing ex-military vets who come together to topple a dictator. For those that don’t remember the first entry, ...


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