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Hobbs & Shaw [4K Ultra HD review]

Hobbs & Shaw is what happens when you mix Moana with MasterChef. Plus, Ibris Elba shows up to make your local Barnes & Noble clerk moist. I know this because Rebecca felt like she had to share this with me while I bought the Showa Era Godzilla set. I appreciated her honesty.

In what is the first in the Fast and Furious spin-off series, Hobbs and Shaw are two partners that don’t make any sense. It’s not like we had to watch Murtaugh and Riggs team up with Mr. Joshua to fight Jet Li. But, family matters most in the F & F universe, so Jason Statham’s need to protect his family takes over. Faster than Helen Mirren cashed that check for Part 8, the action takes us deep into what could’ve been the plot to a better movie. Cyber-genetically enhanced Brixton (Idris Elba) is prepared to make humanity take the next step with the help of a biological weapon.

Hobbs and Shaw 3

Vanessa Kirby shows up as the girl that can hold her own, but doesn’t raise any coital feelings. While I was floored by the stunning 4K transfer, I noticed something. Well, other than the transfer was one of the best upscale jobs that I’ve ever seen. Nothing really happens in this movie. I get it that everyone’s 11 year old hates Martin Scorsese for saying that Iron Man 3 lacked significant artistic merit. But, the guy has a point.

Not about the Marvel movies, I’m a Marvel Zombie until the end. But, modern action films are more checklists than narratives. There is not a thing about this film that doesn’t feel like it couldn’t have been made by NAMCO or Konami. Hit something, talk to something, beat something harder and then new locale. Over and over again until you get to a conclusion that isn’t a conclusion. Why? Well, because you have to keep this train rolling.

Hobbs and Shaw 4K 5

But, that’s the case with most action movies anymore. It’s spectacle, character moment, set piece, joke, spectacle and repeat. Formulas work for the same reason why people keep stuffing Mc-saturated fat in their faces. Repetition breeds habits and then habits breed complacency. People love wallowing in the same crap that once made them happy. Over and over again they go, passing down that love to their kids. If Marty Scorsese couldn’t get you people to break the cycle, then what chance do I have?

The 4K Ultra HD disc comes with a ton of special features and a brilliant 2160p Upscaled Transfer. You get an alternate opening that doesn’t really change things and a ton of deleted scenes. Plus, there’s a bevy of featurettes, unseen material and general Fast and Furious content to make your heart pump. The Atmos track is the real winner here, as it makes you feel the full soundstage of everything from London to the tropical isles. Ultimately, it’s worth a purchase to fans.

Hobbs & Shaw is now available on 4K, Blu-ray, Digital HD and more!


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