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Sultry Drama “Piaffe” Opens in NY and LA in August/September

Art house fans, get ready for Piaffe – the steamy and provocative new feature debut from acclaimed visual artist turned filmmaker Ann Oren. Oscilloscope Laboratories will release the film theatrically in New York and Los Angeles this August and September.

Described as a sensual exploration of sexual awakening, Piaffe centers on introverted Eva, played by Simone Bucio. When tasked with creating horse sounds for a commercial, Eva’s growing obsession unlocks newfound confidence and power.

Shot on tactile 16mm film, Piaffe promises a visually lush journey into gender roles, control, and the origins of cinema through Oren’s avant-garde lens. The intimate psychodrama has already wowed festival audiences.

Sultry Drama

Piaffe will open at New York’s Quad Cinema on August 25th before its LA premiere at Landmark’s Nuart Theatre on September 15th.

Fans of provocative arthouse cinema will not want to miss this sultry and cinematically inventive debut from the daring creative vision of Ann Oren.

Expect Piaffe to mesmerize mind and senses when it arrives in theaters late summer.

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