Sisters Sheila (Terri J. Vaughn, Meet the Browns) and Lynn (Vanessa Williams, Soul Food) have lived very different lives, but they’re both at a crossroads and need a change. With little in common except their love for sweets, they partner with their close friend Tommi (Rachel True, Half & Half) to open a bakery. It seems their recipe for success is complete, but these three strong, independent women are as distinct as the cupcake flavors they invent. New challenges, old rivalries and even a chance at love lead these ladies on a journey of self-awareness, affirmation and hope as they begin the next chapter in their lives. Inspiring, heart-warming and hilarious, SUGAR MOMMAS is the perfect treat.


“Sugar Mommas” is a play on words about a group of urban women that make cupcakes. If you were thinking of something else, that would’ve been a better movie. What I saw was a dramedy pilot that was stretched out to feature length and dumped onto the market. There are some people that will like this stuff and they kept UPN on the air for years before the CW merge. Now, it’ll just sit on a shelf in a warehouse somewhere.

The DVD comes with a photo gallery and music video. It might as well have been a map to Mars, because it meant nothing to me. That’s not a bad thing, I just didn’t have anyway to relate to it. I’m not the target audience and the A/V Quality was rather meh. Oh well, it works for those that care for this sort of thing.


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