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Stuber [Blu-ray review]

Stuber arrived in early July to make a wet thud on the Box Office. I thought it was a little unfair, as these kinds of movies used to enjoy decent box office regardless of the season. But, it’s a different era. The days of watching a cop or FBI agent act like a doofus seem to have gone out with the Macarena. Now, everything has to be a setup where the average moron teaches their physical superior about the ways of the world. Still, it was cool to see the guy from The Raid in a major Hollywood comedy.

Dave Bautista is a talent. Even back in the early 00s, he was the unsung talent of the WWE. Now, he’s got the starpower built up from his time in the MCU to push outwards. What does he choose? The kind of movie that Burt Reynolds and Sylvester Stallone did when their bigger franchises dried up. You’re not at the point yet, Bautista. I get comedies are awesome to make, but transition to something that doesn’t need Uber as a plot device.

Stuber 1

Does the high-concept comedy exist anymore? I ask that because after an hour of noticing the hack nature of the plot, I wondered where you could take this idea. How much further does a copy needs a personal valet go? You can’t make the comic lead into a butler figure anymore because paid servitude carries so much baggage. But, none of that baggage apparently exists when you invoke the concept of the Gig economy.

All kidding about the shallow focus of Twitter film watchers aside, Stuber is perfectly fine. Hell, I used to watch far worse on many an afternoon spent with mid 90s HBO. What’s the grand takeaway? Low-energy comedy fails the stars that tried to make it work. It’s a tale as old as time. Just don’t ask me to fawn over Stuber.

The Blu-ray comes with deleted scenes, gag reel, commentary and more! The A/V Quality is pretty sharp. You normally don’t get 1080p transfers and DTS-HD 7.1 master audio tracks for comedies like this. Still, it pops where it needs to pop. I’d recommend it to the curious.

Stuber is now available!

Stuber 2

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