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Stepmom / The Deep End of the Ocean

Stepmom is this movie with a weird following about it. I never knew that the film had any fans until a decade ago when discussing it on the site. Little did I know that people named their kids after people in the movie and have watching parties for it. My mind boggled, as this was one of those films that played to a near empty auditorium about my local theater. I know, I worked the entire run of it. Mill Creek releases the film with no special features, after SONY offered it On-Demand via Amazon for a year or so.

The Deep End of the Ocean is a really deep movie that again played to empty theaters. I like the cast and Ulu Grosbard is a fascinating director. However, the film isn’t super appealing to anyone. If you’re a fan, let me know.

Stepmom / Deep End of the Ocean arrives June 4th


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