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“Society” is one of the great unsung film slams on the Reagan era. While “Heathers” eventually found an audience, the sheer disgusting nature of this film relegated it to the back channels. But, the last 26 years have been kind to the film. Everything from Yuzna’s later work to “Slither” has paid tribute to the film’s stunning FX and The Shunting.

Billy Warlock isn’t much of a lead, but when you have FX like this…everyone gets outshined. Seriously, I used to have nightmares about this movie’s finale when I was first saw the film as a 13 year old. I had never seen such contortion and manipulation of the flesh into these disgusting piles. If you’re a serious horror fan, this must be experience. There are no ways to get around it.

The Blu-Ray comes with a stunning 1080p transfer and a LPCM 2.0 stereo track. There are new featurettes, a new commentary track, new artwork, a music video, trailers and more! The 1080p transfer is the best I’ve ever seen and the audio actually helped me with some stepped on dialogue. Plus, it’s a Limited Edition. Rush out and buy Society before it’s gone forever!

Release Date: OUT NOW!

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