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Shaw Brothers Classics Vol. 2 Brings 12 Martial Arts Films to Blu-ray August 15

Kung fu fans, get ready for high-flying action when Shaw Brothers Classics Vol. 2 unleashes 12 genre classics on Blu-ray for the first time on August 15, 2023 from Shout! Factory. Spanning 1970-1974, this epic collection spotlights legendary stars like Cheng Pei-Pei and Ti Lung in Shaw Brothers’ signature martial arts extravaganzas.

Featuring lavish productions and incredible fight choreography, these definitive editions include Lady of Steel, Brothers Five, Crimson Charm, Bride from Hell, The Shadow Whip, Delightful Forest, The Devil’s Mirrior, Man of Iron, Water Margin, Brides from Hell, Heroes Two and Flying Gulliotine.

Shaw Brothers Classics Vol. 2 Brings 12 Martial Arts Films to Blu-ray August 15 1

Packed with hours of extras, the set boasts new commentaries from esteemed critics and historians, interviews, trailers, galleries and more. Whether you’re a lifelong Shaw Brothers fan or new to their iconic Hong Kong action, this box set is essential.

Shaw Brothers Classics Vol. 2 continues Shout! Factory’s celebration of a pioneering studio that pushed martial arts cinema to new heights of artistry and excitement. Now fully restored, these 12 films capture exhilarating fights, lavish sets and costumes, and epic storytelling that influenced action movies for decades to come.

Relive the Shaw Scope glory when Shaw Brothers Classics Vol. 2 arrives August 15th.

As the definitive home media release of these kung fu classics, this collection is a must-own for collectors and any martial arts enthusiast.

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