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Trapped [Blu-ray review]

Trapped was one of those early 00 movies that seemed to have been cut from the same cloth. Prominent lead actress in a kidnapping or stalking thriller where she is forced to find her power. The suppor...

6 Fair

The Entity: Collector’s Edition [Blu-ray review]

The Entity is one of those films that has always been around for fans of 80s cinema. I remember being a kid and hearing about this one. It was always so scandalous to hear about the ghost rape movie. ...

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Hostel/Hostel Part 2 review: Eastern Europe Dark Web Vacation

Hostel is why I won’t totally write off horror movies released in January. Screen Gems/Lionsgate seemingly kicked it into theater as an afterthought. Little did they know that Eli Roth managed t...

7.6 Good

Bright Lights, Big City

Bright Lights, Big City isn’t a good movie. It’s naked Oscar bait that was designed to help Michael J. Fox break away from Family Ties. While surrounded by a mix of heavyweights from Kiefe...

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MANDY (2018)

MANDY (2018) REVIEWED “Mandy” is Pan Cosmatos’s follow-up to Beyond the Black Rainbow. While I wasn’t a fan of that first film, things have changed. What Cosmatos achieves in M...

9.2 Amazing
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