PTSD 9/11 Documentary ‘Corridor Four’ Now on Kickstarter

PTSD 9/11 Documentary 'Corridor Four' Now on Kickstarter 1
Filmmakers Stephen Tringali and Maria Bissell are proud to present Corridor Four, the story of K9 Unit Officer Isaac Ho’opi’I, a man praised for his heroic actions at The Pentagon on 9/11, and the post traumatic stress disorder he experienced immediately afterward. With over 110 hours of footage, and 28 interviews over 5 states, the story of a man who sacrificed all he had can finally be told.
Now on Kickstarter, Corridor Four tells the story of how one man saved the lives of many, at the cost of his own personal livelihood.
Help spread the word about PTSD. Support the Kickstarter documentary ‘Corridor Four.’ Click the link to donate!
Take a look at the new Kickstarted documentary ‘Corridor Four’ about PTSD and how it has affected one man’s life after his heroic events during 9/11.
Please share this campaign with family and friends and help spread the word about PTSD and those who live with it on a daily basis:…/1763954779/corridor-four


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