Perry Como's Olde English Christmas 5

Perry Como’s Olde English Christmas hangs out with Leo Sayer and Petula Clark to bust out his Holiday jams. When pressed for times, he even sings a few secular favorites. All the while, I wonder who was this for in the 1970s? I know that drugs helped influence a bunch of TV programming, but this seems to be a step beyond. Some TV exec wanted to dress all of this British people and Leo Sayer in silly frock. Perry Como got to dress normal, because he’s old and he ain’t got time for this nonsense.

Holiday TV specials are fascinating, yet irritating. If you really want to see or listen to something Christmas related, there is plenty of other stuff. The onslaught of Holiday entertainment is nothing but recycling the same points to indoctrination. Ask me feelings on Elf when you get the chance.

Perry Como’s Olde English Christmas is available now!

Perry Como


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