Director: Nicholas Stoller
Writers: Andrew J. Cohen and Brendan O’ Brien
Cast: Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Dave Franco, Hannibal Buress, Carla Gallo, that kid from Submarine and McLovin
Studio: Universal

“Neighbors” proves that “The Five Year Engagement” wasn’t a fluke. Even with this movie’s gutted running time, you see that Stoller has no fucking clue how to pace a comedy. “The Five Year Engagement” suffered from the fact that Stoller had no idea what to do with the couple when they traveled for Emily Blunt’s job. “Neighbors” has no idea how to open the movie. You spend an eternity dealing with Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne coping with the fact that their immature friends ditched them. After 30 minutes, the frat arrives.

The frat history cameos are fun. But, they serve as a blip into where this movie is going. If not for Zac Efron’s dynamic presence, we would have nothing to enjoy in this movie. Well, Dave Franco was great too. However, his entire performance fed off having Efron there to set him up. Let’s not take this time to crap on Byrne or Rogen. They were doing the best with the material presented to them. Playing Mac and Kelly offers nothing in terms of forward action into the final frat party busy.

Ultimately, this is a movie about dealing with maturity and your legacy. People grow up, they move on and they find jobs to replace days upon days of binge drinking. Some people can move on, while others resort to stealing air bags. It’s all part of the game that we call life. Unfortunately, it made a 97 minute long movie feel like two and half hours to get to that point. This is your second strike, Stoller. You’re circling the Barry Levinson wing of Director Jail and I’m not afraid to throw you in. Still, I hope my boy Zac Efron can stay off the drugs and get clean to be in Episode VII. JJ needs you, dawg.


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