Starring award-winning British comedy genius, Rowan Atkinson (Blackadder, Johnny English, Mr. Bean’s Holiday and Bean). The Mr. Bean internationally acclaimed TV series and two box
office hit films continue to enthrall audiences worldwide and maintain his universal popularity. Remastered and included in this DVD set are all 14 episodes of the landmark original series that introduced Mr. Bean to an adoring, slap-stick awkward, world! Re-live the timeless Mr. Bean, the hapless, rubber-faced clown, who never fails to leave a trail of merry mayhem and side- splitting laughter in his wake.


“The Whole Bean” is a great collection of all the original Mr. Bean shorts. Most Americans of my generation grew up watching them on HBO, but Atkinson has kept the character alive in film and other TV spots for ages. The original show lasted for only 14 episodes, but that was long enough not to ruin it. I know that Americans have to fight the urge to run things into the ground, so I’ll always favor the British there.

Mr. Bean got me into watching M. Hulot and related comedy. If anything, this show was my gateway drug into physical comedy and learning to appreciate comedic fare from overseas. Every generation gets that show that allows for continued education and I applaud Curtis and Atkinson for doing that for me. Hell, I wish HBO would make an effort to keep that kind of material going. They’re doing good with the Aussies and Kiwis, but we need more Brit humor.

The DVD comes with missing scenes, documentary, best bits compilation, an animated series trailer and never-before-seen sketches as the special features. The transfer works for what it is. Still, I wish that an HD master could be struck somewhere. However, I found the 2.0 stereo track to be very lossy. Still, it’s worth a purchase to the curious.

RELEASE DATE: 03/24/2015

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