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Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Brings Monsterverse to CCXP2023 with Immersive Experiences

The highly anticipated Monsterverse series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is set to descend upon Comic Con Experience (CCXP) 2023 in Brazil for the show’s first ever convention appearance. Taking place December 1-4 in São Paulo, CCXP2023 will feature unforgettable Monsterverse events for attendees.

On Sunday, December 3rd, Monarch showrunner Chris Black and executive producers Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell will take the Thunder Stage for a panel discussion and exclusive reveals. Fans will gain insider perspective on crafting the immersive Monsterverse prequel series.

Throughout CCXP2023, an interactive Monarch fan experience will also be available on the show floor. Attendees can step into the kaiju universe with a themed photo opportunity.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Brings Monsterverse to CCXP2023 with Immersive Experiences 1

The Monsterverse franchise expands with the new Apple TV+ series exploring the origins of secret organization Monarch across multiple timelines. After debuting footage at NYCC, Monarch prepares to unleash more content for fans at CCXP.

Set after the Titan fight that leveled San Francisco, Monarch follows generations of a family linked to the shadowy group that studies mythic creatures. Starring Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell, the show promises epic monster action and buried secrets.

On December 3rd, the creative team will share exclusive insights and content during the CCXP Thunder Stage panel and Q&A. Monarch aims to shake up South America’s largest comic con.

With an immersive booth and main stage appearance, the Monsterverse is set to leave its mark on CCXP2023.

Don’t miss Monarch: Legacy of Monsters when it premieres November 17th on Apple TV+ and roars into CCXP.

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