MOMMY (2014)

MOMMY (2014) 1

“Mommy” is a French Canadian film about a middle aged woman who doesn’t know how to age gracefully. Her husband has been dead for three years and she fears for her son’s future. Thus, she removes him from an institution where she left him after his ADHD outbursts became too violent. What will happen now, as she has made no solid effort to help him?

The film’s push to squeeze the aspect ratio creates a film that looks like it’s being shot by an elderly person on a cell phone camera. However, that claustrophobic proximity ties you into the world of a woman on the verge of collapse. The need to be desired and be loved by everyone will eventually lead to ruin. Is there even a mother and son relationship anymore? Did this young man become just another lover?

The DVD comes with a Digital HD copy as the sole special feature. The A/V Quality is pretty typical for a foreign drama. However, the transfer’s aspect ratio leaves me confused. Xavier Dolan likes experimenting with how narrow the aspect ratio can get and I remember my e-screener being way tighter than this 1.78:1 transfer. But, I guess I’m crazy. In the end, it’s worth a purchase to the curious.

Release Date: 04/28/15

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