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Mega Time Squad review: Wonky Kiwi Time

Mega Time Squad is the latest fantasy outing from the crazy Kiwis of New Zealand. This down under adventure starts with the best of intentions. A group of guys tries to rob the Chinese mafia to keep them out of their neighborhood. While your 19 year old barista friend tries to figure out how to be offended, let’s continue. The thugs stage a heist and manage to steal a bracelet from the Chinese. What they don’t realize is the bracelet lets them travel through time.

What makes Mega Time Squad so great is that the lead criminal doesn’t understand time travel. So, he travels back in time to fix the timeline to his advantage. This leads to multiple copies of the main guy screwing up more while trying to make a Council of Dumbasses. Anton Tennet is quite the young talent who carries the lead role in spite of complicated FX stagings. That’s not even breaking up the weirdo that has a boner for suicide bomber vests.

While I love how time travel works in this film, it bogs down a lot of sight gags in a film that needed a straightforward focus. If you’re going to go high concept, there needs to be a push for a compelling narrative. What we got is a crime caper turned Sci-Fi comedy that never knows how to complete the joke. Sometimes, a film’s brevity can work against it. I’d still recommend checking it out.

Mega Time Squad is now in theaters!

Mega Time Squad poster

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