Just in Time for Halloween – Lit 3.0 Arrives with ‘Immersive Reading’

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iClassics Collection adapts the best worldwide classic literature into the App Books format, alongside magnificent illustrations, sound effects, animations, interactivity and spectacular soundtracks. A collection of 10 Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories served as the starting point for iClassics, creating the interactive and classic iPoe Collection library, which has more than 900,000 downloads from the AppStore, and thousands of positive comments by readers. Backed by this success, iClassics has continued bringing the best classic literature to all audiences with iDickens, iLovecraft, iWilde and iDoyle. There are more than 10 new Apps in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese for iTunes’ platforms (App Store), Google Play and Amazon (AppStore), where you can find this multicultural immersive experience for all your senses.


Visit iClassics: http://iclassicscollection.com/en/


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