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God Told Me To….talk about Interesting Movie News (2022)

The Interesting Movie News kicks off with God Told Me To….coming to 4K UHD in July from Blue Underground

God Told Me about Interesting Movie News (2022) 1

God Told Me To… hits 4K UHD on July 19th from Blue Underground. Check out the trailer for the most anticipated Larry Cohen release of Summer 2022.

Star Trek and Kidrobot team up for the Borg to get a plush form.

God Told Me about Interesting Movie News (2022) 3

Locutus has never looked so cute. The Interesting Movie News rolls on with this Kidrobot plush adaptation of a TV Series. But, First Contact makes this movie news…right? Check out more visuals.

Preorder the Kidrobot Borg Plushes here.

Workhorse Queen arrives on May 3rd. Available on DVD and VOD.

God Told Me about Interesting Movie News (2022) 15

Workhorse Queen is about Mrs. Kasha Davis getting her own documentary. If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race…you’ll want to check it out! The Interesting Movie News continues!

Unplugging lands a new clip! In theaters on April 22nd and moves to On Demand on April 29th!

God Told Me about Interesting Movie News (2022) 17

Unplugging hits theaters on April 22nd!

Turning Red comes to Digital on April 26th and hits Blu-ray on May 3rd

Turning Red is a Disney Plus film from Pixar. It’s coming to Blu-ray and Digital by the end of the month. What does that mean for you? If the 8-9 year old kids I meet have anything to say, this film has unseated Encanto as the thing they keep on blast. So, you’re welcome.

God Told Me about Interesting Movie News (2022) 19
It’s getting a 4K release too!

Bet you want Boba Fett taking old man baths back now. Hell, I’d take that goofy kid doing the spin and shoot one more time to create some sort of Disney Plus rotation.

Denuo Novo and Warner Brothers launch the Premium Dark Knight collectibles

Batman Cowl 1989 interesting movie news

Denuo Novo is back to make your 12 year old self happy with Premium Dark Knight collectibles. The Interesting Movie News needs to close on the stuff I would have bought had our Warner Brothers Studio Store stayed open into my adulthood.

Order your Batman 1989 cowl here!

Check out the Batman 1989 cowl gallery, as the Interesting Movie News concludes.

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