claire sinclair show bunny yeager

The Claire Sinclair Show [Blu-ray review]

Cult Epics presents THE CLAIRE SINCLAIR SHOW hosted by former Playboy Playmate of the Year, Bettie Page spokes-model, and star of the Las Vegas show PIN UP. The two episodes feature CLAIRE ON CLAIRE, ...

8.1 Great
pretending i'm a superman poster

Pretending I’m a Superman

The story of how skateboarding became a part of the mainstream by focusing on the success of the "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" video game franchise.

8.9 Great
einsteins universe title

Einstein’s Universe

A documentary produced in 1979 by WGBH and the BBC to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Albert Einstein. Narrated and hosted by Peter Ustinov and written by Nigel Calder, the author of the accom...

7.6 Good
nothing stays the same title

Nothing Stays The Same

Nothing Stays the Same celebrates the last 30 years of live music in Austin, Texas, while also examining the challenges faced by musicians and music venues in one of the fastest-growing and most popul...

7.2 Good
traditional wild america title

Traditional Wild America: Duck Hunting on the Santee Delta

Traditional Wild America's first film takes duck hunters and outdoor adventure enthusiasts to the blind to be among revered sportsmen. Put on your waders and come into South Carolina's famed Santee De...

7.2 Good
what she said pauline kael

What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael

Director Rob Garver first read Pauline Kael's work as a young person in the 1980s, and he says that the fiery passion with which she wrote about film made a deep impression on him.Kael undisputedly tr...

7.4 Good
target philadelphia title

Target Philadelphia

In 1985, Philadelphia police - at the behest of Mayor W. Wilson Goode Sr. -- dropped a military-grade explosive on a residential building to end a standoff with Black liberation group, MOVE. The resul...

6.8 Fair
hands of god title

Hands of God

They endured thirteen years of war, dozens of bombings each and every month, but their focus was on one goal: to become Olympic champions...

6.8 Fair
america as seen by a frenchman title

America As Seen By A Frenchman

At the end of the 1950s, celebrated French documentarian François Reichenbach (F for Fake, Portrait: Orson Welles), whose lens captured the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Johnny Hallyday, spent eighteen...

8.5 Great

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