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The Claire Sinclair Show [Blu-ray review]

The Claire Sinclair Show is a fascinating Blu-ray release from Cult Epics. Mainly because it was the first Cult Epics release where I could get a lot of SFW screenshots. It took a bit to break down what screenshots I wanted to us, but let me say this. I dig what’s going on here. Pin Up Art and Photography is an American tradition that proudly gets illuminated in this film.

claire sinclair show 18

Before this documentary, I was never familiar with Claire Sinclair. Sure, she was the Playboy Playmate of the Year. The downside of that acclaim is she had to compete with the Internet and the Internet always wins. From my research, I can tell that Claire Sinclair opened an Airbnb in Las Vegas. That’s neat, but what does it tell me about The Claire Sinclair Show?

Seemingly shot for some venue, it allows Claire Sinclair to share her thoughts on the industry and her art. Normally, this is the kind of thing that OnlyFans was made for, but I’m sure that Bella Thorne ruined that for everyone else too. Outside of the visual attraction, what is there that sets Claire Sinclair apart from the pack?

claire sinclair show 7

The two episode setup splits focus between Claire Sinclair and Bunny Yeager’s Last Sitting. What the Claire Sinclair Show does right is serve as an introduction for casual viewers. But, the real glow of the release is the Yeager’s Last Sitting segment. Watching legendary Bunny Yeager walk Claire Sinclair through the shoot is stunning. At such an advanced age, Yeager hadn’t lost a step with a modern artist.

claire sinclair show bras

There is something to the Claire Sinclair Show that makes me smile. Watching a pin-up model at the top of her game evoking a style of times past is always entertaining. Maybe it’s my love of Americana or that classic 50s/60s period, but certain visuals just warm my cold heart. What makes it even better is how Nico B’s direction gets Claire Sinclair to open up about her passions.

The Claire Sinclair Show is a winner because Sinclair invites you into the things she adores. If you’re expecting to see boobs and flash, look elsewhere. You’ll get to see skin, but in a way that supports what Sinclair, Nico and Yeager wanted to accomplish. This is an artistic portrait of a young woman at the top of her craft.

claire sinclair show 8

Bunny Yeager was an artist in a format that didn’t naturally provide for them. Widely known as the most prominent photographer of Bettie Page, Yeager’s career has spanned decades. Now that she has sadly passed, I enjoy getting to see as much footage of her work as possible. Famous for popularizing the bikini and then coining the cheesecake modeling term, there will never be another like her.

claire sinclair show 11

Yeager is best known for being the original Bettie Page photographer. So, Claire Sinclair must have felt the pressure of being photographed by the photography legend. The Claire Sinclair Show doesn’t outright make comparisons to Bettie Page, but it’s hard to see Page’s influence on the Sinclair look.

claire sinclair show 1

Cult Epics brings the Blu-ray with an extended version, photo galleries, introductions and original Super 8 films. I love seeing the Cult Epics documentaries arriving with loaded discs. There is a photo gallery and a but more to enjoy. I wish the audio track was a little louder, it works for the kind of thing being shot. I’d recommend a purchase.

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The Claire Sinclair Show is now available from Cult Epics

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The Claire Sinclair Show [Blu-ray review]

Cult Epics presents THE CLAIRE SINCLAIR SHOW hosted by former Playboy Playmate of the Year, Bettie Page spokes-model, and star of the Las Vegas show PIN UP. The two episodes feature CLAIRE ON CLAIRE,
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