Nothing Stays The Same

Nothing Stays the Same celebrates the last 30 years of live music in Austin, Texas, while also examining the challenges faced by musicians and music venues in one of the fastest-growing and most popular cities in the USA, all through the lens of the legendary Saxon Pub. With iconic Austin venues closing each year due to rising rents and property taxes, the writing is on the wall for the Saxon Pub, a mainstay in live music since 1990. Soon being forced to a new space - akin to closure for most clubs - its owner Joe Ables, its regulars and staff and its beloved musicians such as local luminaries Joe Ely, Bob Schneider, Patrice Pike, Guy Forsyth, Hector Ward, Carolyn Wonderland, The Resentments, Johnny Nicholas, W.C. Clark, Robynn Shayne and others, turn to face the music until they learn their fate might not be sealed after all. Call it divine intervention or a stroke of good luck, the Saxon could live to see another day if it plays its cards right...
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Nothing Stays The Same is a fascinating documentary about the Austin music scene. The focus of the film is on the Saxon Pub, which is being forced to move to a new space. As someone who grew up in an area that saw the starting grounds for bands such as My Morning Jacket, Kinghorse, VHS or Beta among others shut down for Panera Bread locations…a move doesn’t seem that bad. Still, it’s nice to see interviews with people talking about what they love.

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The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is pretty sharp for a recent documentary. I just wish we got some context for a lot of the material. A commentary could’ve worked wonders for people who weren’t super familiar with the Austin music scene. Well, outside of the Austin City Limits PBS show. I’d recommend it to music fans.

Nothing Stays The Same is now available!

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