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Epic Outlaw Series Billy the Kid Rides Back for Bloody Season 2 This October on MGM+

Saddle up for the next chapter in the wild ride of Billy the Kid, as the hit Western series returns to MGM+ for season 2 on October 15th. Starring Tom Blyth as America’s most famous outlaw, Billy the Kid picks up amidst the escalating Lincoln County War with Billy caught in the crossfire.

Creator Michael Hirst promises an even more explosive saga as Billy struggles to hold onto his soul while battling corrupt powers like the Santa Fe Ring. With his former friend Jesse Evans (Daniel Webber) leading the charge against him, season 2 teases an intimate war that will push Billy to the brink.

The ensemble cast returns alongside new additions for the 8-episode second installment, which will air this Fall. Expect the lavish production values and gripping gun-slinging action that made Billy the Kid a breakout hit for MGM+.

Epic Outlaw Series Billy the Kid Rides Back for Bloody Season 2 This October on MGM+ 1
Photo Credit: David Brown/MGM+

After premiering four episodes on October 15th, the remainder will air in 2024 to build feverish anticipation. With Hirst joined again by executive producers Donald De Line and Amblin TV’s Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey, season 2 is sure to deliver on the promise of this reimagined take on an American icon.

Between the Shakespearean drama, sweeping frontier visuals, and explosive showdowns, Billy the Kid brings the grimy, unforgiving Old West to vivid life.

Catch up on season 1 now and get ready to see Billy’s legend grow even larger when season 2 arrives on MGM+ this October.

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