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Enter the world of Eraser Reborn

The world of Eraser returns in Eraser Reborn. Y’know Eraser, right? That Schwarzenegger movie from 1996 co-starring the painter from Murphy Brown? Well, this time it’s in South Africa. Normally, that’s the sign of a DTV movie shooting on the cheap. But, it’s directed by John Pogue. He made the underrated The Quiet Ones. So, I’m being cautiously optimistic.

Eraser: Reborn Blu-ray box art

What are you waiting for, people? Father’s Day is around the corner and your Pops only needs so man The Hunt for The Red October. Plus, he can’t tell the difference between 4K UHD and his 1987 Magnavox that smells like burnt toast.

Eraser Reborn hits Blu-ray on June 7th. You can also get it on DVD and Digital Formats

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