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Double Team: Dennis Rodman saves the World…again [Review]

Double Team isn’t Double Impact. Let’s just make sure everyone knows that. Impact had two JCVDs, while Impact has to settle for a Dennis Rodman team-up. For people not alive in the 1990s, Dennis Rodman was the NBA Rebound King that played with the Chicago Bulls. He was also into cocksmithing hot chicks and playing with sexual politics. The average modern Hot Topic kid does worse now, but this shit was a big deal in 1997.

Dennis Rodman plays a weapons dealer who works with the counter-terrorist expert JCVD to fight bad guys. Mickey Rourke shows up in a supporting role, but it’s pretty forgettable. The real star of this film is Rodman The Worm. Have fun explaining to your 12 year old why Rodman was developing a Hollywood career.

It suck because his later theatrics had people forgetting about his NBA career. The dude was legitimately an offensive great and people just remember him hanging out with North Korean dictators.

Double Team

Double Team is available June 4th, 2019

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