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Cult Epics Unearths Dutch Sci-Fi Gem The Last Island on Blu-ray October 10

Fans of cerebral, philosophically rich science fiction take note – Cult Epics is bringing a long-lost gem back to vivid life this October. Marleen Gorris’ provocative 1990 drama The Last Island lands on Blu-ray and DVD October 10th, letting audiences rediscover this tense allegorical thriller.

As part of Gorris’ lauded trilogy of Dutch films, The Last Island strands a group of plane crash survivors on a remote island, where it appears humanity may have faced extinction. With civilization’s rules stripped away, the question arises – can humankind’s better nature prevail, or will they destroy themselves?

The Last Island – Dutch Theatrical Trailer (English language) | Cult Epics from Cult Epics on Vimeo.

Led by a stellar cast of British stars like Raiders of the Lost Ark’s Paul Freeman and Patricia Hayes of Willow, The Last Island has drawn comparisons to Lord of the Flies for its elemental study of people under pressure. Gorris’ striking visuals expertly ratchet up tension within the remote setting.

Cult Epics brings their stellar restoration talents to bear on this overlooked gem, with a pristine 2K transfer of the 35mm negative supervised by cinematographer Tom Erisman. Extras include a new introduction from producer Dick Maas, commentary from scholar Peter Verstraten, and a vintage interview with Gorris.

Cult Epics Unearths Dutch Sci-Fi Gem The Last Island on Blu-ray October 10 1

This snapshots of a possible post-apocalyptic future may feel especially resonant today.

So take the opportunity to discover The Last Island when Cult Epics releases Gorris’ provocative sci-fi vision to Blu-ray and DVD this October.

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