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Damn Australia, you scary.

Farm to Table to Grave.

“Charlie’s Farm” is about four friends heading into the Outback to die. If you thought “Wolf Creek” was too slow for you, then you might be entertained here. Honestly, it’s a low keel riff on the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre setup. I’ve got to give points for high quality gore effects. It’s just that the film suffers from the never-ending cycle of horror repetition. How many ways can you kill a young person?

Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley show up in supporting roles to bring in the horror die-hards. Other than that, the cast is no different than what you’d find in a Sharknado film. I guess that’s why Tara Reid is one of the headliners. The DVD comes with no special features. That’s a shame, as I would’ve loved hearing a commentary for this one.

RELEASE DATE: 11/3/2015

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