CHANCE, a new animated feature film hopes to inspire animal activists premieres April 5th!

In the brutal world of underground dogfighting, dogs are trained and forced to fight to the death. Chance is a pit bull puppy with a peaceful heart and an imaginative mind. Unfortunately, Chance is soon torn from his happy home and purchased by a cruel dogfighting owner.
As Chance grows to young adulthood, he manages to hold on to his values despite the fact that he will eventually have to enter the ring of death. Unwilling to betray his peaceful beliefs, Chance plots to escape the yard.
Chance soon discovers that the outside world can be just as harsh, as he finds himself even deeper in the bloody world of dogfighting. To stay alive, Chance is forced to betray his own beliefs and fight his own kind. To find redemption, Chance must challenge the system that is causing his own kind to self destruct.

What is Chance?

James Young Entertainment presents CHANCE, an animated feature film as told by a precocious young pit bull who finds the power of his voice when inspired to oppose the brutal sport of underground dogfighting.

CHANCE will have a one-week limited theatrical release on Friday, April 5th at the Laemmle NOHO Theatre. The film will be released in conjunction with National Dogfighting Awareness Day which takes place annually on April 8th! Additional cities and DIGITAL | VOD will be announced soon.

Nurtured in a loving family, Chance’s inherently peaceful nature is not what makes him valuable to the mean-spirited man who buys him to be a fighter. As the muscular pup matures, he is to be center stage in this bloody game where pit bulls are bred to use their jaws as weapons and matches end only at death. Escape may be the only answer, though Chance quickly discovers that the world outside is just as dangerous as inside the ring.

Born with strength of character and a brotherly canine bond, Chance would rather face the challenge of standing up to the system than fight one of his own. Join Chance, the filmmakers and animal activists raise awareness to end the cruel and inhumane practice of underground dogfighting.

CHANCE – Social Media Trailer – April 5th, 2019 from James Young Entertainment on Vimeo.

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