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Britt-Marie Was Here

Britt-Marie Was Here is the latest Cohen Collection release. I was going to review this awhile back, but life is crazy and my big plans take longer to implement. Such is the similar case with Britt-Marie. Having had her marriage of 40 years collapse due to her husband’s cheating, she moves to a tiny town in Sweden. She bores her family and then gets stuck coaching a soccer team. It’s like The Mighty Ducks with hot flashes.

If you dug A Man Called Ove, it’s more of the same kind of drama. Older Swedes coming together to teach the young people things about life. It’s the same kind of movie regardless of where you live in the world. But, it’s always fun to see older actors make the most out of material. If Pernilla August looks familiar to you, it’s because she played Shmi Skywalker.

The Blu-ray comes with no special features. I’m kinda shocked, as I expect a degree of supplemental material from Cohen. But, even Criterion doesn’t always produce special features for their releases. Oh wait, Criterion can stitch together even two special features on any low-interest release? Weird! That might sound a bit negative, but physical media needs all the push it can get.

BRITT-MARIE WAS HERE is now available!

britt marie was here blu

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