Behind The Scenes of the Big Game Ad Newcastle Almost Made



Newcastle is poking fun at the big-budget ads that many beer companies create each year by asking “what if?” What if they had shelled out millions of dollars for giant robots, beach babes and crazy celebrity cameos? To answer that question, they went as far as to plan out a huge commercial, complete with storyboards, trailers, and celebrity cameos, and here’s one of those celebrities, Keyshawn Johnson, describing the part they had pitched him, as the voice of a skateboarding cat:


It’s too bad Newcastle doesn’t believe in spending millions on a Mega Huge Football Game ad because it would have been amazing. Instead, football legend Keyshawn Johnson is taking center stage in a tongue-in-cheek effort dubbed “If We Made It” that pokes fun at the ridiculous excess, overused schtick and over-the-top antics found in traditional Big Game commercials. Newcastle may not be making the ad, but fortunately fans will be able to see all the trailers, storyboards, focus groups and behind-the-scenes interviews with Johnson at There also will be fresh content posted in real-time on the day of the Big Game.

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