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AGED: Anubys Lopez’s New Thriller Coming to Digital Platforms on June 15

Get ready for a chilling ride this summer as “AGED”, a character-driven dramatic thriller, makes its digital debut on June 15. Directed by Anubys Lopez and starring Morgan Boss-Maltais, Carla Kidd, and Dave McClain, this highly-anticipated film is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

“AGED” unfolds around a young woman who takes up a temporary job as a caregiver, only to uncover a chilling secret. She soon discovers that both her employer and the house she works in harbor a dangerous, dark past that could threaten her very existence. Set against the backdrop of Houston, Texas, the narrative intricately interweaves suspense and mystery, making “AGED” an engrossing watch.

Director Anubys Lopez, acclaimed for his previous horror film “Those That Call” (2022), is the mastermind behind this gripping thriller. As the founder of Harrowhouse Films, Lopez is renowned for his distinctive approach to storytelling, crafting works that delve into true events or small town’s folklore. Known for his genre-defying horrors and thrillers, Lopez infuses his films with abrupt, shocking, and unexpected conclusions that never fail to leave a lasting impact on audiences.

AGED: Anubys Lopez's New Thriller Coming to Digital Platforms on June 15 1

The release of “AGED” is yet another testament to Lopez’s ability to keep audiences engrossed and eager for more. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the latest film from this promising director.

Mark your calendars for June 15 and prepare for a heart-stopping cinematic journey with “AGED”.

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