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Adventures of the Naked Umbrella Brings Zany Comedy to VOD November 8

Get ready for a wild ride when the genre-blending comedy Adventures of the Naked Umbrella hits digital platforms on November 8th. Directed by Gerald Brunskill, this kooky conspiracy theory romp promises escapist entertainment with a stellar indie cast.

Jeremy Davies stars as a conspiracy podcaster who goes on the run with his wife, played by Tayrn Manning, after barely surviving an explosion. Off his meds, he descends into madness trying to clear his name. The cast also includes Tom Arnold, Richard Riehle, Darnell Rhea, and Cindy Vela.

Adventures of The Naked Umbrella Official Trailer from Gerald Brunskill on Vimeo.

With its mix of action, comedy, sci-fi, and drama, Adventures of the Naked Umbrella offers something for every taste. Brunskill’s script provides an eccentric escape perfect for our tense times.

Director Gerald Brunskill boasts an eclectic career spanning music, television, and film. He’s directed segments for The Twilight Zone and The Grand Tour and won two Emmys for his CBS work. His debut feature It’s Gawd! starring Tommy Chong garnered over 5 million views on Prime Video.

Brunskill wrote Adventures of the Naked Umbrella during the pandemic, aiming to capture the era’s mood of conspiracy theories and mistrust. His second directorial effort highlights his versatility across genres.

Adventures of the Naked Umbrella Brings Zany Comedy to VOD November 8 1

Adventures of the Naked Umbrella premieres on major VOD outlets November 8th courtesy of Level 33 Entertainment.

With its timely themes and colorful characters, Brunskill’s passion project provides 98 minutes of engaging escapism.

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