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Director: Billie Woodruff
Writers: Christina Welch and Ernie Barbarash
Cast: Boris Kodjoe, Sharon Leal, Kat Graham, Tyson Beckford
Studio: LionsGate

“Addicted” is what happens when people paid to see “Temptation” and thought that it was too realistic. The film opens on a woman that discovers she’s a nymphomanic. So, she hopes from man to man getting pounded. Her assistant runs her company, while her family starts to wonder what’s happening to Mommy. But, she’s out getting pounded in what would’ve been called a Blaxploitation answer to “50 Shades of Gray” had this been in the 1970s. But, it isn’t. You want to know why? American International wouldn’t have made a movie that was about a boring woman getting her nappy dugout slammed repeatedly by random stank.

The erotic drama has been lacking in recent years. But, using the original text by Zane, the film wants to connect sex addiction to childhood abuse. While it’s far more plausible than Tyler Perry’s efforts with “Temptation”, I spent so much of my time just shaking my head while watching this movie unfurl. The cast is generic, as the film appears to have been made for a way low budget. So, I guess just grabbing stock actors from a shared subgenre was enough to get asses in seats. In terms of eroticism, the film constitutes erotic tension as a women wanting strange penis.

If anything, the film blatantly ignores any sexual deviation or difference in gender identity. Nobody tries to challenge it, as the film is more about WOMAN WHY YOU BE RUNNING AROUND? I don’t know where the demand for films like this comes from, as I thought we’re supposed to be all about sexual openness now. But, I guess that there is a demand to watch women get punished for doing what men do without consequence. At least, nobody got AIDS as punishment.



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