NBC Universal’s award-winning “The More You Know,” the longest running network public service campaign, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year with a special appearance on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice season finale.

In the season finale, which will be broadcast on May 10th at 8pm ET, Joan Rivers and Annie Duke, the two remaining Celebrity Apprentice finalists, create their own “The More You Know” public service messages, highlighting their charities. The finalists will collaborate with Susan Haspel, “The More You Know” Co-Creator and Executive Producer, and “The More You Know’s” award-winning Director, Brad Gensurowsky. Their public service announcements will debut during the Celebrity Apprentice season finale.

Since 1989, “The More You Know” has raised awareness of critical social issues and inspired viewers to take action. Over the past two decades, hundreds of stars—and two U.S. Presidents—have demonstrated their commitment and creativity. This year is no exception; scheduled to appear in “The More Your Know” spots include talent from The Office, 30 Rock, Law & Order: SVU, Heroes, Deal or No Deal, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Biggest Loser, Chuck, Law & Order, Medium, NBC News, NBC Sports as well as Bravo’s Top Chef, Sci Fi’s Sanctuary and Oxygen’s Home Sweet Hollywood.

This season, “The More You Know” undertook its largest single initiative – raising awareness about the environment, and also welcomed the most talent to ever unite behind a single issue. In addition to providing viewers with practical ways to improve the environment, the campaign also addressed critical issues such as diversity, internet safety and domestic violence prevention.

Mariska Hargitay from Law and Order: SVU returned to “The More You Know” for her eighth season. “It’s about educating viewers, raising awareness and talking about things that we sometimes don’t want to talk about but need to. I think it’s one of the greatest campaigns,” says Hargitay.

The More You, the initiative’s broadband centerpiece, provides comprehensive information about the program, issues and its advisory partners. The campaign’s coalition of nonprofit organizations serving on the advisory board include: Environmental Defense, Anti-Defamation League, U.S. Department of Education and Feeding America. This year’s campaign also includes a new Facebook application, which includes vintage spots from the campaign’s twenty-year run.

“‘The More You Know’ has become a cultural phenomenon,” said Haspel. “It’s left a mark on a lot of people’s lives and helped make a difference in communities across the country.”


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