SPILL.COM LAUNCHES PAYBACK TIME & GIVES AWAY FREE MOVIE TICKETS!!, a movie review and entertainment site that provides down to earth and irreverent animated reviews of the latest film releases, today announces the release of its first Facebook application, Payback Time. The new application gives moviegoers the opportunity to vent their rage and demand virtual refunds for movies that they hate, which they can then use to redeem free movie ticket codes from Members of the social networking site can plug the new application right into their profile page and then invite their friends to join in the fun.

        Here’s how Payback Time works:
             1. Choose your movie and demand a refund amount.

             2. Tell the Facebook Community why you deserve your refund and make it good because…

            3. The community decides if and how much money you get back. If they disagree…too bad, you lose the money you wagered.

             4. If they agree, you get your loot. The better your reason, the more money they’ll give you.

            5. Make enough money and you get to CASH IN for free movie tickets from Fandango. That’s right – FREE movie tickets.

“ goes by the motto ‘If it’s crap, we’ll tell you,’ and now it’s your turn to tell all your friends which movies you thought were…well… crap,” commented Jamey Wishner from Spill. “Not only that, but now you can even cash in and get free movie tickets to see movies that hopefully won’t be crap! It’s a great application with a great payoff.”


Payback Time: Introduction Press Conference:

Payback Time:


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