The highly anticipated sci-fi thriller Recreator will unveil the prologue comic book Recreator Genesis during Comic-Con, says the film’s writer-director Gregory Orr. “So many great movies are adapted from comic books, that we thought the reverse could be true, especially if it helps illuminate the premise of the movie.”  Recreator Genesis was written by Orr and illustrated by artist Mike Shea, who injected a classic feel to the images. “We tell the back story of the scientist who created the cloning experiments in the late 1950s,” says the Brooklyn-based artist. “It was fun to work with the formal composition and story telling of that era, while also trying a few new things.”


Recreator is the story of three friends on a camping trip who discover a secret laboratory and accidentally trigger a deadly experiment that creates their duplicates–clones who are stronger, faster, and better than the original teens and who threaten to kill them and take over their identities.  Recreator Genesis takes place fifty years prior to the teens discovering the lab and its dangerous secrets.


Copies of the comic book will be made available at select times and locations throughout the convention, courtesy of white-coated Lab Assistants, and on Saturday July 23 the film will screen at midnight at Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15 (note the change in venue.) 701 5th Ave (6 blocks north of the convention center.)


Fans are encouraged to follow the film on Twitter @RECREATORmovie for exclusive Comic-Con giveaways, news and events, and to RSVP for the screening at Recreator’s Facebook Events page.


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