In an NBC News exclusive, Chris Hansen will show viewers a side of Sin City never seen before with “Vegas Undercover” premiering on “Dateline NBC” on Monday, June 15 at 10 PM/ET on NBC. In this gritty, one-hour hidden camera investigation, Hansen goes off the strip to the dark corners of Las Vegas to watch police ‘catch’ auto thieves, pimps, even a man producing counterfeit hundred dollar bills.

Hansen and his team spent just under a year undercover with one of the most proactive police departments in the country, the Las Vegas Metropolitan P.D. He was granted exclusive access to several specialized units trained in investigating specific areas of crime.

He joins Vegas detectives from the ‘Pimp Investigation Team’ and watches as an undercover detective pretends to try prostitution for the first time. A man attempting to become her pimp quickly approaches her and after police move in, Hansen talks with the man who was arrested for pandering. He also watches as an auto theft unit called “The Viper Squad,” puts so-called “bait cars” on the street, only to be stolen.

Hansen also witnesses a man demonstrating for undercover cops from the Vegas “Intelligence Unit,” his method for producing fake money. The man explains how he sells the bogus bills and even claims that some of his counterfeit money goes into circulation at a Vegas casino. After he’s taken into police custody for forgery, Hansen confronts the man face-to-face in jail and shows him video of himself demonstrating his technique.

David Corvo is the executive producer of “Dateline NBC.”


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