Today’s swag & doodads *could* involve new special gift baskets, and see the return of snappy Food2 shirts, gift baskets, and some other free things like corn dog air fresheners!


Here’s the drill, all you need to do today is:


1) Give Food2 a shout-out on your own personal blog.



2) Hashtag us on Twitter — like: Drop by #Food2 today ‘cuz they’re giving out free junk and snacks.  Plus if you aren’t already following Food2, that would be great as well.  You can do that here.



3) Friend us on Facebook here.

It will seriously take 2 seconds and you could be grubbing on that basket for days (or something).

Throughout the day, they’ll randomly reward some lucky Food2’ers who do one or more of those things with the aforementioned goodies.  Just make sure you’re doing it today.



Scripps Networks — the leader in lifestyle media and home to Food Network – will be launching the full site of the new online food experience Food2 ( Food2 is a highly interactive, video-centric website that talks cooking, eating, drinking and living.


A full-fledged Food2 beta website is live now featuring:


  • Video – Food2 has more than a thousand short food and drink videos including web originals with new, fresh faces as well as shorts from the trusted talent and kitchens of Food Network.
  • Challenges – Users compete head to head in virtual Food2 Challenges to find the prettiest, the tastiest, the cheapest, the weirdest, the sloppiest and the ugliest food around.
  • Recipes – From quick and easy to palate expanding, no matter what type of needed, the authority of Scripps Networks and the Food2 community will steer you in the right direction.
  • Tips – Whether gourmand or food-newbie, community-provided Food2 tips make navigating the kitchen a snap.
  • Blog – Just like a party where everyone winds up in the kitchen talking food, the best food bloggers and most current food culture content all gather here at the Food2 Blog.

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