Director: Yorgos Noussias

Writers: Yorgos Noussias, Claudio Bolivar, Christos Houliaras and Petros Nousias

Cast: Billy Zane, Andreas Kontopoulos, Ioanna Poppa and Thanos Tokakis

Studio: Music Box Films

“Evil in the Time of Heroes” is a film that has a degree of Internet lore about how all of the actors were volunteers. For some reason, I have a hard time seeing Billy Zane willingly going to Greece to star in a zombie film. But, he basically plays a Greek God version of Raiden who assembles our heroes to fight off the zombies. There’s a small degree of history, but I’ve never seen the first film. That being said, I did enjoy the screwed up roller coaster that was my first and second viewings of this film.

Somehow, I didn’t pick up that the film was a sequel. After my initial viewings, I can’t say that I had that much of a better grasp on the film. Maybe it would improve if I had seen the first film, but I could pick up enough by watching this one. What’s weird is seeing a country that doesn’t embrace gun culture, as they try to dispatch the zombie hordes. You see a lot of rocks, blunt objects and sharp sticks used to take them down. While the swords and sandals aspect goes hand-in-hand with Greece, it felt strange when mixed with a zombie movie.

What will ultimately kill the film for casual viewers is the narrative structure that plays like a lazy take on “The Godfather Part II”. If you were having a hard time following the film from the start, the constant timeline shifts are enough to make you turn off the movie. While I won’t fault a creative team for coming up with new ways to tell a story. There has to be something to entice the foreign audience. After all, you Greeks did stick your goat cheese in our Zombie peanut butter.

RELEASE DATE: 02/28/2014


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