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“Danger Close” is the third leg in a documentary trilogy following “Hornet’s Nest” and “Citizen Soldier”. This entry follows an embedded journalist, as she tries to honor the family of a fallen soldier. She was pals with the soldier, but she gets to return home after being injured. Now, she tries to walk her way between fears of mortality and honoring a fallen friend. Can Alex Quade pull this off?

More than anything, it’s pretty tolerable. Who hasn’t seen a documentary about a slightly detached journalist, politician, entourage member finding a new way to connect to veterans? At this point, it’s becoming kinda cliche. Still, I found elements of this story to be touching. It’s just how many times can this keep happening. Insert your political diatribes here, as I have no interest in making weak political statements.

Maybe I need to watch the other two documentaries again as a lead-in for this one. While it felt tepid, it wasn’t terrible. More than anything, it just wasn’t for me. If your personal background aligns with what happened here, it might work for you next Memorial Day.


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The Plot Thus Far

War reporter Alex Quade re-embeds with Green Berets after the death of Special Forces Staff Sgt. Rob Pirelli during a battle in Afghanistan.


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