Evil invades a children’s spiritual retreat.



Tommy, an adolescent teenager from a obviously Christian fundamentalist family, is sent to a boot camp where boys and girls of his age are expected to learn to deny theirs lusts and live their future lives in pure faith. Camp Hope is led by Fr. McAllister, a priest who is at the same time charismatic and fanatically devoted to fundamentalist Christian belief and his right hand, Christian, a drill sergeant type of guy. Then there is Bob, the camp’s entertainer who seems to be the only staff member with more moderate opinions and nurse Carol, the camp nanny who believes that prayer heals better than medicine. There are about two or three main kids at the camp. Delaney and McCarthy are the parents of the main kid.

Connor Paolo plays the rebel kid who brings a Spawn comic to bible camp. Evil finally rears it’s ugly head near the end of the movie, but it’s all pretty pointless and uneventful. Extremely slow showing here. It’s more along the lines of a teenage soap opera than a horror movie. If you’re looking for the devil to pop out and start slashing up some kids, you’ll have to look elsewhere. He does a lot of hiding and breathing hard in the bushes and not much else. We see him in some dreams that the kids are having — and those get pretty intense, but all in all, it’s a very slow-paced film.

The DVD comes with deleted scenes and a trailer. For a film that’s been sitting on a shelf somewhere and has already undergone a title change…one should be happy that it get this many special features. However, the film is a mess from its muddy transfer to its off-putting religious horror tale. The Dolby track is supportive enough, but it’s not like there’s a ton of material to show off here. In the end, it’s barely a rental.



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