The Last American Virgin (1982) [MVD Rewind Collection Blu-ray review]

Video - 9
Audio - 8.1
Movie - 7.9
Special Features - 8.5

I couldn’t help but take a trip down memory lane by re-watching one of the classic movies of the 80s – The Last American Virgin. This movie is a timeless classic that manages to capture the spirit of the era perfectly. It’s a coming-of-age movie that explores the complexities of teenage love and heartbreak. The film was directed by Boaz Davidson and stars Lawrence Monoson, Diane Franklin, and Steve Antin.

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Great music, depressing ending

The Last American Virgin is a film that has managed to stand the test of time, and one of the reasons for this is its incredible soundtrack. The soundtrack features some of the most iconic songs of the 80s, including “Just Once” by James Ingram, “Open Arms” by Journey, and “Better Be Good to Me” by Tina Turner. The soundtrack is a perfect example of the cultural zeitgeist of the 80s, capturing the feel-good, carefree spirit of the era.

But while the soundtrack is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the movie, it’s also the source of some controversy. The Last American Virgin is known for its juxtaposition of upbeat, poppy songs with the darker themes of the movie. The movie deals with some heavy themes, such as teenage pregnancy, abortion, and the heartbreak that comes with unrequited love. Some critics argue that the soundtrack trivializes these themes and takes away from the movie’s emotional impact.

The Last American Virgin (1982) [MVD Rewind Collection Blu-ray review] 20

The Last American Virgin isn’t Lemon Popsicle

However, I disagree with this viewpoint. I believe that the soundtrack adds to the movie’s emotional impact, rather than detracting from it. The Last American Virgin is a movie that’s all about the ups and downs of teenage life – the highs of falling in love, the lows of heartbreak, and the confusion that comes with growing up. The upbeat songs on the soundtrack capture the carefree, joyous moments of teenage life, while the darker themes of the movie are explored through the movie’s quieter, more introspective moments.

In fact, the soundtrack adds an extra layer of complexity to the movie. It shows that life is full of contrasts – that even in the midst of heartbreak, there can be moments of joy and happiness. This is a message that’s incredibly relevant today, and one that speaks to the universal human experience.

The Last American Virgin is a movie that’s beloved by many, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a classic coming-of-age movie that explores the complexities of teenage life in a way that’s both heartfelt and relatable. The soundtrack, with its iconic 80s songs, is an integral part of the movie’s success. It captures the carefree spirit of the era while adding an extra layer of emotional complexity to the movie. Whether you’re a fan of the 80s or not, The Last American Virgin is a movie that’s well worth watching. It’s a timeless classic that manages to capture the essence of teenage life in a way that few other movies have managed to do.

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What did MVD put on their The Last American Virgin Blu-ray?

Having had its last Blu-ray releases from Arrow UK and Olive Films, what differently did MVD do for their Last American Virgin Blu-ray? Well, they made it part of their MVD Rewind Collection. The difference in those special features is pretty minimal. You get the interviews in 1080p with the photo galleries and promo materials. Plus, you get the MVD Rewind fancy little poster with the movie.

What I care about is the A/V Quality. Honestly, it’s got to be the best transfer I’ve seen on the MVD Rewind Blu-rays. The 1080p transfer is stunning, almost approaching 4K upscale quality. Seriously, I own five home video versions of the film and I never seen it look this crisp. The 2.0 LPCM stereo track is typical for the past few releases. I almost want to say it’s the same MGM track used since that early Arrow UK Blu-ray. I compared the Olive and Arrow discs to the MVD one and the track is virtually identical.

If this is your first time watching the film or you just want a copy, I’d recommend going ahead and grabbing the MVD Rewind release of The Last American Virgin.

The Last American Virgin is now available on Blu-ray from MVD Rewind

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