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Magnificent Warriors (1987) [Blu-ray review]

Magnificent Warriors is a 1987 Hong Kong action-adventure film directed by Eric Tsang, Jackie Chan’s longtime collaborator. The movie features Michelle Yeoh, who was already known for her impressive martial arts skills in films like Yes, Madam! and Royal Warriors. Magnificent Warriors follows the story of Fok Ming-ming, a government agent tasked with protecting a group of American civilians in China from a group of bandits.

The opening scene of the movie sets the tone for the action-packed adventure to come. As Fok chases after a group of thieves who have stolen a precious artifact, Yeoh showcases her impressive martial arts skills, leaping from rooftops and fighting off attackers with ease. The plot of Magnificent Warriors is simple, but the chemistry between the characters is what makes the movie so enjoyable.

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Tell me more about the movie

Fok is joined by a group of Americans, including a journalist played by John Sham and a group of tourists led by a feisty woman named Diana, played by Derek Yee Tung-sing. While the Americans are initially skeptical of Fok’s abilities, they soon come to appreciate her bravery and fighting skills. The on-screen chemistry between Yeoh and Yee is one of the highlights of Magnificent Warriors. While Yeoh is the tough and capable fighter, Yee’s Diana is quick-witted and resourceful, using her intelligence to get the group out of sticky situations.

The action sequences in Magnificent Warriors are fast-paced and exciting, with Chan’s influence evident in the choreography. Yeoh’s martial arts skills are on full display, with several impressive fight scenes throughout the movie. The film also features some impressive stunt work, with several scenes involving dangerous falls and high-speed chases.

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Magnificent Warriors is visually stunning.

The cinematography of Magnificent Warriors is stunning, with breathtaking landscapes and scenery shot on location in China. The camera work is also impressive, with several tracking shots and dynamic angles used to create a sense of movement and energy. The film’s visuals are a treat for the eyes, adding to the overall experience of watching the movie.

Despite being primarily an action movie, Magnificent Warriors has moments of humor and levity throughout the film. The interactions between the American tourists and Fok’s team provide plenty of comedic moments, while still maintaining the tension and danger of the bandit threat. This balance of action and humor makes the movie a well-rounded entertainment package.

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One of the few drawbacks of Magnificent Warriors is its lack of character development. While Fok and Diana are given some depth, the other characters are fairly one-dimensional. However, this minor issue does not detract from the overall enjoyment of the movie.

Before we talk about the Blu-ray, I had something to leave on. Magnificent Warriors is a lively and entertaining adventure flick that showcases the talents of Michelle Yeoh and director Eric Tsang. The film’s fast-paced action, stunning cinematography, and humorous moments make it a must-watch for fans of the genre. Despite its minor flaws, Magnificent Warriors is a movie that will leave you thoroughly entertained and satisfied.

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So, what did 88 Films do for the Magnificent Warriors Blu-ray?

Magnificent Warriors looks like a million bucks on Blu-ray. Having been a long-time Hong Kong action fan, I’ve seen this movie in various formats, cuts and levels of quality. Not only do you get those fun posters and sturdy slipcases, but a bevy of special features await you. You get the original theatrical cut supported by a brand new 2K restoration.

The commentary and archival interviews are amazing. But, it’s great to have the alternate opening sequences and promotional materials. The A/V Quality is headlines by that stunning 2K restoration. Seriously, check out those screenshots and compare it to any version of the film you can see anywhere online or on a prior format.

The LPCM 2.0 mono track is period appropriate, while also highlighting a classic audio soundstage for the wide sweeping antics. Seriously, 88 Films should have full access to every Hong Kong action film that Vinegar Syndrome and Criterion aren’t grabbing for themselves. Stunning work all around that never disappoints.

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Magnificent Warriors is now available on Blu-ray from 88 Films US/MVD

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Magnificent Warriors (1987) [Blu-ray review]

Troy begins his 2023 rewatch of the Michelle Yeoh career highlights with Magnificent Warriors.
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