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The Good Boss (2021) [Cohen Collection Blu-ray Review]

The 2021 Spanish film “The Good Boss,” directed by Fernando Leon de Aranda, serves as a testament to the boundless potential of world cinema. Through its unique narrative and thought-provoking themes, the film becomes a mirror reflecting the realities of corporate power dynamics and moral ambiguity. The Blu-ray release of “The Good Boss” brings this world-class film to international audiences, allowing a more immersive experience of Aranda’s cinematic masterpiece.

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What is The Good Boss?

“The Good Boss” unravels the tale of Blanco, the charismatic owner of a factory, who thrives on maintaining an image of benevolence towards his employees. Yet beneath the surface, Blanco’s character is riddled with contradictions, blending kindness with manipulation, thereby portraying the complex realities of leadership in the modern corporate world. The narrative gracefully delves into the paradoxes of human nature, exploring themes of power, morality, and responsibility.

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Modern World Cinema during a Pandemic

In a global cinematic landscape often saturated with Hollywood narratives, “The Good Boss” offers a refreshing perspective. The film’s exploration of corporate ethics and interpersonal dynamics is universal, yet it is deeply grounded in its Spanish roots, balancing local relevance with global resonance.

Aranda’s film subtly challenges the conventional hero-villain dichotomy, choosing instead to present a protagonist who is flawed and complex. In doing so, “The Good Boss” highlights a key strength of world cinema: its capacity to present narratives that embrace the complexity of human nature rather than simplifying it.

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The secret weapon is Fernando Leon de Aranda’s Direction

Aranda’s direction gives “The Good Boss” its distinctive identity. His portrayal of Blanco is neither glorified nor vilified; instead, it’s presented with a nuanced understanding of human frailty. Through his lens, the factory transforms from a mere workplace into a microcosm of society, with all its inherent power dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and moral dilemmas.

Aranda also masterfully navigates the intricacies of dark humor, imbuing the narrative with a satirical undertone that provokes thought without compromising entertainment. His ability to blend serious themes with elements of humor is testament to his directorial prowess and creative vision.

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What does Cohen bring to The Good Boss Blu-ray?

The Blu-ray release of “The Good Boss” elevates the film viewing experience. The 1080p resolution enriches the visuals, highlighting the details of the factory setting and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

The DTS-HD Master Audio brings a sonic enhancement to the film, with the dialogues, ambient sounds, and score rendered with impeccable clarity. This ensures an immersive auditory experience, allowing viewers to fully engage with the film’s narrative and emotional arcs.

The special features range from interviews conducted with Javier Bardem and the director to a trailer. I would have preferred a traditional commentary track, but I enjoyed what we got.

Honestly, it’s not super atypical for World Cinema releases to come to America with a handful of special features. The economics of filmmaking don’t typically afford other countries the treasure trove of supplementals that many North Americans have come to expect. But, even that is shrinking in the US.

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Final thoughts on The Good Boss

“The Good Boss” stands as a valuable contribution to world cinema, offering a narrative that resonates with international audiences while maintaining its cultural authenticity. Through Aranda’s deft direction, the film skillfully explores themes of power, morality, and responsibility, thereby prompting viewers to reflect upon their own perceptions of leadership and ethics.

The Blu-ray release enhances the cinematic experience, allowing international audiences to appreciate the nuances of “The Good Boss” in high-definition clarity. For those interested in exploring the richness of world cinema, “The Good Boss” on Blu-ray is a must-have addition to their collection.

The Good Boss is now available on Blu-ray

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The Good Boss (2021) [Cohen Collection Blu-ray Review]

Troy sits down with The Good Boss. Javier Bardem is peak perfection in the role.
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