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A Walk on the Moon (1987) [Cohen Collection Blu-ray review]

A Walk on the Moon” is a film that delicately weaves a tapestry of dreams, desires, and emancipation, set against the backdrop of a transformative time in American history. Directed by Raphael D. Silver in 1987, the film is an extraordinary narrative of a woman’s journey towards self-discovery. The Blu-ray release offers a renewed opportunity to embrace this profound narrative in splendid high-definition, making it an enticing proposition for the dedicated fans of American independent cinema.

A Walk on the Moon (1987) [Cohen Collection Blu-ray review] 1

Why haven’t you seen A Walk on the Moon before now?

“A Walk on the Moon” unfolds in the summer of 1969, against the backdrop of the Woodstock Festival and the Apollo moon landing. The narrative revolves around the character of Pearl Kantrowitz, a young mother whose longing for personal freedom and self-expression collides with the strictures of her traditional married life.

Pearl’s relationship with the free-spirited blouse salesman, Walker Jerome, signifies her desire to break free from societal expectations. The supporting characters, including Pearl’s devoted but oblivious husband Marty, and their teenage daughter Alison, contribute to the film’s exploration of freedom, love, and the ripples of choices on the familial dynamics.

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Silver’s contributions to Independent Cinema

“A Walk on the Moon” provides a vibrant and multi-layered portrayal of a woman’s inner landscape, thereby cementing its significance in the realm of independent cinema. The film dives headlong into the theme of feminism, personal identity, and the quest for freedom, marking a stark departure from the male-centric narratives prevalent during the period.

Unlike mainstream cinema, the film prioritizes a nuanced exploration of character over plot-driven spectacle. The dialogue is natural and unassuming, mirroring the reality of day-to-day communication, while the story progression subtly depicts the personal transformations of the characters.

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Raphael D. Silver’s Direction

Raphael D. Silver’s deft direction gives “A Walk on the Moon” its authentic, relatable, and moving tone. Silver beautifully juxtaposes the personal revolution of Pearl with the cultural revolutions of the time. The director’s aptitude for drawing out extraordinary performances from his ensemble cast further heightens the film’s emotional impact.

Silver’s artful handling of sensitive subjects, such as marital dissatisfaction and teenage angst, is commendable. He brings out the silent turmoil of his characters with subtlety and grace, showing that beneath the facades of societal norms lie stories of suppressed desires and stifled dreams.

A Walk on the Moon (1987) [Cohen Collection Blu-ray review] 7

What does Cohen bring to the Blu-ray?

The Blu-ray version of “A Walk on the Moon” presents a significant enhancement of the film’s visual and auditory experience. The high-definition 1080p resolution illuminates the vibrant colors of the 60s and captures the distinct atmospheric nuances of each scene.

The DTS-HD Master Audio ensures that the iconic 60s music, which is integral to the film’s mood, comes alive in all its nostalgic glory. The dialogues, too, are clearer and more immersive, allowing viewers to better engage with the characters’ emotions and conflicts.

The special features are pretty scant, but it’s not why I pick up releases like this. For like of a better term, I’m obsessed with film history and as streamers drop more and more classic titles…it becomes harder to study our roots. Watching Silver’s contributions to the early days of American Indie Film is a must for any serious film fan.

A Walk on the Moon (1987) [Cohen Collection Blu-ray review] 9

Some final thoughts

“A Walk on the Moon,” with its deep-seated narrative and Silver’s potent direction, significantly contributes to American independent cinema. It gently yet powerfully nudges the viewers to reflect upon their own choices and freedoms, underlining the enduring relevance of the film.

The Blu-ray release only amplifies the profound viewing experience, thereby solidifying “A Walk on the Moon” as a must-watch film for all enthusiasts of independent cinema.

A Walk on the Moon is part of a Silver Double Feature release from Cohen Collection

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A Walk on the Moon (1987) [Cohen Collection Blu-ray review]

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