Halloween Kills promo poster 6.4 Fair

Halloween Kills (2021) [How to Watch Movies Review]

The world has takes on Halloween Kills. Whether it’s Halloween or some other franchise, everyone becomes a series expert in time for the latest film hitting theaters or streaming. What’s e...

Sisters Brothers Halloween Stalin

Best of 2018 #4: The Sisters Brothers, You Were Never Really Here, Halloween, Death of Stalin

4) Troy’s Pick – The Sisters Brothers Troy had a grand plan for all of this and what you’re seeing is how destroyed the schedule became after we had to shuffle how this list got prom...

House That Jack Built Halloween Hereditary

Best of 2018 #17: The House That Jack Built, Halloween, Hereditary, Hereditary

17) Troy’s Pick – The House That Jack Built The House That Jack Built deserved better than what America gave it. Forcing everyone to see it on a single night in its proper cut is a joke. H...

Halloween (2018) 22

Halloween (2018)

Halloween destroyed its continuity faster than Star Trek and DC Comics combined. While that only bothers me the analytical part of my mind, the rational side was super curious to see what could happen...

Halloween at 40: Laurie Strode Superstar 44

Halloween at 40: Laurie Strode Superstar

Halloween turns 40 on October 27th. While we’re currently in the middle of a Michael Myers revival thanks to the success of the recent David Gordon Green revamp, it’s important to look bac...


Halloween 2018 amazingly underwhelms

Where to begin with Halloween? For the fans keeping track at home, this is the fourth timeline realignment for our Haddonfield heroes. The first came with the idea of starting an anthology series with...

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