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Hinterland title

Hinterland (2021) [DVD review]

Hinterland is a serial killer murder mystery set in Post World War I Vienna. A former cop turned soldier pairs up with a female doctor to discover who is killing the people of Vienna. I’m not fa...

7.1 Good
i am a dancer blu ray film movement classics

Troy reviews the DVDs and Blu-rays arriving September 15th and 22nd

At AndersonVision, we undertake many projects and as a result‚Ķschedules go crazy. Due to reader response, we’ve decided to review things closer to release date. So, how are we going to do that? ...

7.1 Good
serie noire title

Serie Noir review: Jim Thompson French Chef’s Kiss

While trying to track down a deadbeat customer, door-to-door salesman Franck Poupart (Patrick Dewaere) encounters Mona (Marie Trintignant), a teenage sexpot living with her miserly aunt. After being d...

8.3 Great
shanghai triad title

Shanghai Triad [Film Movement Blu-ray review]

Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee, SHANGHAI TRIAD is a thrilling and sumptuously stylized potboiler about the Chinese criminal underworld of the 1930s from legendary director Zhang Yimou (Raise t...

8.2 Great

A White White Day

A White White Day is probably the most depressing Icelandic movie I’ve seen this year. A fatal car accident kills a man’s wife. Now, he wants to figure out who caused his wife’s deat...

7.5 Good
a good woman is hard to find title

A Good Woman is Hard to Find

Sarah Collins (Sarah Bolger, "Mayans M.C.," The Spiderwick Chronicles, Emelie), is a single mother struggling to raise two young children while searching for answers about the unsolved murder of her h...

8.1 Great
target philadelphia title

Target Philadelphia

In 1985, Philadelphia police - at the behest of Mayor W. Wilson Goode Sr. -- dropped a military-grade explosive on a residential building to end a standoff with Black liberation group, MOVE. The resul...

6.8 Fair
hands of god title

Hands of God

They endured thirteen years of war, dozens of bombings each and every month, but their focus was on one goal: to become Olympic champions...

6.8 Fair
Alastair Sim's School for Laughters blu-ray

Alastair Sim’s School for Laughs

Alastair Sim's School for Laughter: 4 Classic Comedies is the seminal 4-disc box set of classic British comedies, starring legendary comedic actor Alastair Sim, restored in HD and released for the fir...

8 Great
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