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Soderbergh-Backed Sci-Fi Mindbender Divinity Hits Theaters October 13

This October 13th, prepare to have your reality warped with Divinity – the newest genre-bending thriller executive produced by Steven Soderbergh. Backed by the influential filmmaker, writer-director Eddie Alcazar (Perfect, FuckkkYouuu) has crafted a psychedelic sci-fi tale exploring the dark side of humanity’s quest for immortality.

In Divinity’s desolate future setting, a scientist named Sterling Pierce has perfected a mysterious elixir called “Divinity” that grants eternal life. But in the hands of Sterling’s heir, the benevolent miracle drug has been corrupted into a supremely addictive and expensive commodity hoarded by the elite.

When two brothers stage a daring plan to kidnap the corporation’s mogul leader, they get swept up in a hypnotic underworld. With the help of a seductive femme fatale, the brothers’ heist soon hurtles out of control.

Alcazar’s singular style aims to envelope audiences in a full sensory experience, with mesmerizing visuals by DP Danny Hiele and a synth-heavy score from DJ Muggs. The stellar cast led by Stephen Dorff and Bella Thorne promises powerful performances.

Soderbergh-Backed Sci-Fi Mindbender Divinity Hits Theaters October 13 1
Bella Thorne as “Ziva”. Photo by Danny Hiele. Courtesy of Utopia and Sumerian.

Since first premiering on the festival circuit, Divinity has earned comparisons to classics like Pi, Dark City, and Altered States for its mind-altering ambitions. Backed by Soderbergh’s seal of approval, Alcazar cements his reputation as an exciting new cinematic visionary.

Don’t miss your chance to get lost within Divinity’s twisting reality when it comes to theaters on October 13th.

With stunning style and an eerie perspective on humanity’s addictions, this sci-fi knockout heralds Alcazar as a director to watch.

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