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Rejoice, Cinephiles: Scarecrow Video Launches New Site for Rare DVD and Blu-Ray Rentals

In an age of ephemeral streaming content, Scarecrow Video stands tall as both archive and sanctuary for film fans seeking treasures beyond the algorithms. This Seattle non-profit boasts America’s largest publicly accessible video collection at over 145,000 titles, spanning eras and genres.

Scarecrow just launched a revamped website, making it easier than ever to rent must-see DVDs and Blu-Rays by mail. Their vast holdings go far beyond what you’ll find on Netflix or Hulu, resurrecting forgotten cult classics and arthouse gems.

Rejoice, Cinephiles: Scarecrow Video Launches New Site for Rare DVD and Blu-Ray Rentals 1

Imagine getting lost in delicious stacks of icons like All That Jazz, The Wall, and Super Mario Bros – or diving into entire TV series no longer streaming like Moonlighting. Scarecrow’s expert staff curate diverse sections to match any taste, whether you crave Spaghetti Westerns, Bigfoot, or psychotronic horror.

This accessible archive keeps film history alive, preserving vulnerable physical media that’s disappeared from other services. Scarecrow’s collection offers three times the titles of major streamers combined, with about 4,000 exciting additions yearly.

By supporting this vital non-profit, you gain access to decades of cinematic voices and stories. A rental helps fund Scarecrow’s mission of education and enrichment through movies.

Don’t miss their YouTube show Viva Physical Media for irreverent recommendations. Or test your horror mettle in their annual 31-day Psychotronic Challenge each October.

For fellow movie buffs, Scarecrow Video’s new rental site is essential. Legendary director Kevin Smith sums it up: “This is cinéaste heaven.”

Discover their tapestry of films from 130 countries spanning 130 years – cinema as boundless exploration.

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