Premature is the timeless tale of an under-seen female powered movie.

Seventeen year-old Ayanna meets handsome and mysterious Isaiah in her path toward self-discovery. Her entire world is turned upside down as she travails on the rigorous terrain of young love in the summer before she leaves for college.
Video - 6.9
Audio - 7.1
Movie - 7.9
Special Features - 7

Premature is a movie that I feel I’ve seen before. Honestly, did I review this before? That’s not to call it derivative or anything, but I feel like I’ve seen this movie before. Rashaad Ernesto Green has been recognized by the Film Independent Spirit Awards for being an upcoming talent. But, the familiarity of this movie is kinda irritating me.

premature dvd 11

Zora Howard is great in the lead. She’s not riffing on things we’ve seen in Poetic Justice and other urban artistic types. Howard plays Ayanna as a real person with flaws and wants. Premature is a film about young love at its finest. What makes it great is that it’s a take on Young Love that we don’t get to see a ton.

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The IFC DVD comes with a short film and trailer as the special features. I wish we got a commentary from the director, but I’ll take what is here.

Premature is available now!

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